All you can walk Guayaquil

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Come join us every friday. Let us show you the real Guayaquil city.

Ride a bus like a local and feel like in a fast and furious movie scene, learn all about how the city has change in the last decade; its history, culture and stories. Enjoy a walk as you notice how the city noises fade out once you step into the cementery to admire the architecture and sculptures that stands out there, or when you get to the top of the Cerro Santa.
Do no let the sun and heat let you down, it will all be worth it, besides, there is always the chance to get a drink in the way.


Historical Background.
Nice city views.
Shopping time in the handicraft market.
Galapagos turtles in the city.... Yes!

What to bring

Money for the bus, snacks or for shopping.
Comfortable shoes and clothes.
Water, or money to buy some. You'll need it.
Sunglases, sunblock and mosquito repelent
Extra money for tips.